You can get more eyes

on more of your listings

using our tool. 

This device can share your listings with anyone with an Android phone that comes within 100 yds. of the Royaltie Gem device.

Your listings can be seen 

by thousands of people.

You can be the one in your company

that leads the way in selling more

homes. Let the Royaltie Gems give you

an advantage over everyone else.

Account Activation

One-time $30 fee regardless of number of Gems purchased.

In a basketball arena that seats 20,000 at least 10,000 will have Android phones and 7,000 will have have their bluetooth on so 7,000 people could be seeing your listings.

   1  Gem = $25 per month

3 Gems = $49 per month

8 Gems = $99 per month

Additional Gems (above 8) can be purchased for $12 per month. Volume discounts available on orders over 100 Gems.

You can send people to a Facebook page Youtube video or secure website.

Imagine how many people that walk by you shopping mall that could be getting

a message about your listings and your

open house.

You could attach a gem to your sign or

to send your message to people 

walking by.

Imagine turning on your device in a coffee shop or restaurant and watch people check their notifications 

and get your message. 

Royaltie Pricing – Effective June 1, 2017

$25 + $25 + $30 = $80 Total

$49 + $49 + $30 = $128 Total

$99 + $99 + $30 = $228 Total

First and last month subscription to be billed upfront.

60 day commitment then month-to-month. No refunds.